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FRI. FEBRUARY 17 @ 7pm

(in order of appearance)


THE LOST PRINCE by Piper Anderson  

directed by Piper Anderson


THE NEW MARGO by Stephen Gregg (some mild stage violence and mature themes)

directed by Anna Kaplan


THE DISQUIET OF KYLEE MCDONAHEUGH(VHSL 3rd Place) by Elias Collier (explores anxiety and mental health)

directed by Elias Collier 


SAT. FEBRUARY 18 @ 7pm

(in order of appearance)


FROZEN, KIDS TYA Tour Production music & Lyrics K.A. Lopez & R.Lopez  

directed by Mackenzie Vance & Annabelle Dubard


BOOK LOVERS music & Lyrics Harms, & Bauerfeld (some mature themes)

directed by Kayla Gadley


10 WAYS TO SURVIVE A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE (some mature humor and themes)

Don Zolidis

directed by Mackenzie Vance

ESTIMATED TOTAL PERFORMANCE TIME: 1 Hours, 40 minutes with Intermission

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