Welcome to the Westfield High School Improv Club! The Improv Club is open to anyone at Westfield that wants to learn improvisation skills and games, and most importantly, have fun!

The club meets every other Thursday as specified by the website's calendar.


Welcome to the Westfield High School Improv Team, The Big ol' Bullfrogs! The Big ol' Bullfrogs is a group of Improv actors who compete against other high school teams in county-wide competitions.

The Team meets every single Thursday as specified by the website's calendar.

Westfield High School Improv Team


Mathew Krelovich, Ashley Andre & Vicky Thomas


Nic Swanson

Krishna Purohit

John Henry Stamper

Jalin Dew

Hayden Cutler

Keeley Rogers

Julia Manser

Brain Purtell

Kayla Gadley

Sophia Roberts

Ari Thomas


If you have any questions about Improv Club or Team, please contact Vicky Thomas at